OMG! I just discovered this lemonade and limeade and it’s incredible!

Summer is long gone and the heat waves are fading as well as lemonades and cold beverages...but are they?

Not so much! Healthy beverage options are here to stay, weather the weather may be hot or cold, their health benefits are much greater that their sensory characteristics. Or so I believe and many “healthies” (just invented this community) believe as well.

With all this being said. Let’s talk about lemon ginger lemonade.

Let me show you a picture of my fridge with a bunch of recipes with ginger and lemon.

What I started to see is that I really got what it is like to have fresh option of a beverage other that any high calorie juice or drink and or just plain water.

The ginger lemon base waters and lemonades have so much in them that they are now my go to option for something really good and fresh.

i can’t say what everybody says...HEALTHY, SUOER BENEFITS ETC ETC, because I feel like those claima do not belong to me... but what I can really say is that they contain all the properties from fresh lemon juice and fresh coldpressed ginger. can conclude what benefits they would bring to you.

the best of all is that I just found the best alternative for a year round fresh drink that really comes with the realest of ingredients squeezed by Press Foods MX ( . Honestly this is a discovery for me and will be for others!

I will share the recipe to whomever wants their own real ingredient juices and lemonades!

HI! This is Diego, founder of Press Foods MX. I wanted to write a little about the huge difference between HPP (High pressure processing) and Coldpress (juice pressing) techniques.

I would love to start things off with asking ourselves, do we know what is the difference between a Fad and a Trend?

Knowing this, will also help understand HPP and Coldpress. Also, this will help you understand why they are commonly used in the same sentence.

Ok, then I get that they are different, but how?

High Pressure Processing, Cold Pressure Processing, Cold Pasteurization, Pascalization (Using Mega Pascals) and many others, is commonly known as HPP.

HPP is a process where food and beverage products (inside their flexible package) go through a cold water, high pressure environment to target harmful and spoilage bacteria, without damaging nutrients (as heat/gourmet pasteurization does) and with the objective of keeping the product safe, fresh and additive and preservative free.

This method or technique, often called a process, has the sole intention of bringing consumers a better, fresher , heat free option of food and beverage products, that otherwise can’t be achieved by conventional technologies. We the good scientists and food specialists call this technique a harmful bacteria control step.

To summarize, HPP is a bacterial control step to keep consumers safe. It can be used in a wide range of fresh food and beverages such as: guacamole, salsa, dips, wet saladas, juice, smoothies, deli meat, pet food, and many others.

This technology, became a not only a TREND but a need for the food industry to be able to offer better for you, clean label products.


“But how does it relate to Coldpressed Juices?”

Now lets dig into juicing and coldpressed juice.

Supposedly nutritionists, fitness gurus , scientists and common sense agree) juice has to be as fresh as it can be. Purely and freshly squeezed on a cold environment.

Fresh juice ingredients regularly come from fruit, nuts, vegetables, legumes and roots. Which in fact, should be consumed fresh and without any added treatments or additives. As fresh as they can be.

All these ingredients, have nutrients that degrade with time, changes in temperatures and oxygen.

To avoid this, many consumers, started searching for the best options in terms of juice squeezing, that could achieve the benefits of minimally heating the fruit and veggies, and getting more nutrient yields on the end products. The coldpressed technique was born...

...and with it, a wide range of companies trying to join in into the juicing industry. A healthier, non heated, high nutrient, fresh option for a better you.

And the problemos started to rise...then HPP came to the rescue.

HPP vs and + Coldpress

The versus is mainly because they are completely different techniques and serve super different purposes.

HPP: bacterial kill/control step to make foods last longer and safer

Coldpressed: squeezing technique to keep nutrients as intact as possible.

How is they mix?

Coldpressed juices are known to have a huge ammonia if nutrients due to the facts that they are squeezed and served right away. Wow this is great but... what about all these bacterias that are still there? Yep, you got it, nutrients and bacteria alike could be there when you drink these juices, this is the main reason heat exists in food!!!

But now we have a solution, a fresher and better one. HPP or Hero Protection Process (just invented this). But it does really protect the food and beverages we eat and drink without destroying (as heat and gourmet pasteurization does) nutrients and many other micronutrients.

Its keeps the juice flowing safely through out the distribution chains that finally reach you.

So so to summarize. And not keep you wasting more time on coldpressed vs HPP.

Both techniques may go together to make the juice safer.

HPP is here to stay in many other categories as a safety step.

Coldpressed is a squeezing technique to maintain nutrients.

Press Foods MX is awesome and offers both techniques with Private Label.

Perhaps you are thinking of starting a juice business.

In the last 10 years, we, humans have been evolving naturally into the fresh and farm-to-table food options available to us. We have found food is not only in charge of giving us energy, but also a way of lasting longer in this world. Also, we have come to conclusions that were not available years ago about the effect food has in our organism. Medicine has been able to show us that we truly are what we eat.

For a while now, we have been transforming our minds and bodies to getting healthier, thus eating fresher and whole foods. We have evolved. We have made food companies adapt and products become fresher and healthier.

One of the big booms has been "unpasteurized, no sugar added" juices. Juice bars have appeared like McDonalds in the 90s and nutritional influencers have been adapting the trend, as good as companies have developed new and better juice options in terms of quality, freshness and nutrients. Some companies even have taken advantage and developed fake fresh juices trying to join the movement.

The biggest challenge for any juicing entrepreneur/company has been to sustain price, quality and volumes, also reaching break even by reaching retailers and customers worldwide, due to the challenge fresh and raw ingredients face when it comes to shelf life. At Press Foods HPP Private Label, we have helped these companies and entrepreneurs, obtain everything they need to start their juice business with their own recipes and get moving their products into the market. We do Private Label HPP juices.

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